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Paper Towel - Kleenex® Folded Towels, 11268

SKU: 14819-11268
$113.95 CAD

Paper Towel - Kleenex® Folded Towels, 11268 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #: 11268

    Are you ready to elevate your image in the restroom? Say goodbye to soggy, messy stacks of paper hand towels and say hello to a much more convenient, hygienic countertop towel solution: Kleenex® Ultra Soft Hand Towels in a Pop-Up Box. You'll get rid of messy towel stacks on counters and upgrade to a hygienic, sanitary towel solution. Each ultra-soft Kleenex® hand towel is made of highly absorbent virgin fibers and delivers an exceptional hand-drying experience. The pop-up box is designed to dispense one hygienic paper towel at a time (just like the Kleenex® tissue box) and has a water-resistant coating and poly-shield to keep the towels from getting wet. The countertop box is recyclable and fits Kimberly-Clark Professional™ dispensers in a variety of sleek styles. They're a great solution for offices, lodging, or any facility that prefers convenient countertop dispensing and favors a high-end experience for guests.

  • 18 boxes of 70 towels per case; 1,260 Ultra-Soft Kleenex® Hand Towels per case, for exceptional hand drying
  • Each soft, disposable Kleenex® hand towel measures 8.9 x 10.0 inches for effective drying (even in commercial settings)
  • These premium guest hand towels are hygienic and sanitary – you only touch the towel you use
  • White single-ply towel made of virgin fibers for a wipe that is thicker, more absorbent, and stronger than regular paper towels
  • "POP-UP Box" cardboard carton is recyclable, fits compatible Kimberly-Clark Professional™ countertop towel dispenser covers and has a water-resistant coating and a poly-shield to keep the towels from getting wet