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Planter - Garant Botanica Modular Planter Box 84607

SKU: 14597-84607
$60.02 CAD

Planter - Garant Botanica Modular Planter Box 84607 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.


Item #: 84607

The modular garden allows you to create your own customized gardening space. The single planter is perfect to start your garden. The planter box is compatible with Single Leg for Modular Raised Garden. The blocks under the planter help you to adjust the width of your modular structure by simply selecting the appropriate slot. You can collapse and stack the planter and legs for easy storage. By buying additional pieces, you will be able to create your own gardening space.

  • 13"x11"x22" single planter is the perfect size to grow your favorite crops in small spaces
  • Versatile, modular raised garden helps you get the most out of your space
  • Collapse and stack the planter for easy storage
  • Unfolds for easy tool-free assembly

*Planters and legs are sold individually allowing for a variety of different configuration styles