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Power Station - Klein Tools Portable 500W Power Station, KTB500

$889.19 CAD
Item #: KTB500

Klein Tools' Portable Power Station has been designed with the job site in mind. The 505Wh lithium-ion battery provides power to devices and small rechargeable tools to keep the job running. Its environmentally friendly, Pure Sine-Wave power is a better alternative to loud, exhaust-emitting gas generators.

  • Portable Power Station delivers 500W of Pure Sine-Wave AC power (up to 1000W surge)
  • Lightweight design and collapsible handle maximize portability
  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery pack allows for safe, indoor use
  • Charge and power up to 7 devices simultaneously: two 120V outlets, four USB ports (60W USB-C PD, USB-C and 2 x USB-A) and a 12V car port
  • Digital LCD Screen displays real time performance metrics including time until empty
  • Harness the sun's energy with Klein Tools' Solar Panel (Cat. No. 29250) to charge the portable power station
  • Pass through charging to simultaneously charge KTB500 and power devices
  • 505Wh capacity can power a 50W, 5,000 lumen work light for a full 8 hour shift
  • Compact size for convenient storage in job box or vehicle to power devices anywhere
  • Internal cooling fan keeps the appropriate operating temperature range
  • Replacement chargers for KTB500 (Cat. Nos. 29201-Wall Charger, 29209-12V Car Port Adapter, 29205-Anderson Powerpole®-APP® to DC cable, 29202-USB Cable) sold separately