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Retainers - Chums Flame Resistant Original Retainer, 12215

SKU: 14323-12215
$12.52 CAD
555 in stock

Item #: 12215

Perfect for all electrical, fire and rescue, utility, and arc flash exposed work environments, Chums Flame Resistant retainers will not ignite, smolder, melt or drip when exposed to arc flash or flames. Choose from Original Standard End, No Tail Adjustable or Single Breakaway to accommodate most frames.

  • ARC-rated to 15 cal/square cm
  • Resistant to direct flame, sparks, and welding spatter
  • Kevlar integrity and suppleness retained up to 450 degrees C, LOI=30%
  • PBI/Kevlar integrity and suppleness retained up to 540 degrees C, LOI=41-38%