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Safety Scissors - Martor SECUMAX 564, 564001.00

SKU: 14895-564001
$47.58 CAD

Safety Scissors - Martor SECUMAX 564, 564001.00 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #: 564001.00


 The SECUMAX 564 is characterized by its thumb opening and its extra-long edge, which also makes an ideal support surface. These safety scissors enable you to completely control your work. Moreover, you need fewer cuts to complete the job of cutting through cardboard, paper, film, fabric and much more. Highest safety guaranteed by the special sharpening of the cutting edges and the rounded tips.

- Sharp, but not dangerous

- Stainless steel

- Comfortable working soft grip

- Extra-long cutting edges

- Sturdy connection held with a screw 

Dimensions: 8.58" L x 0.47" W x 3.23" H

Weight: 3.28 oz