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Sanding Kit - Mirka® LEROS-S Solid Surface Kit, MCA‐LEROSS‐SS

$2,950.00 CAD

Sanding Kit - Mirka® LEROS-S Solid Surface Kit, MCA‐LEROSS‐SS is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.


With Mirka’s solutions for solid surfaces, you can achieve the desired result without hassle, whether it is a deep matte or a shiny high gloss finish. The new LEROS Short Dust- Free system is designed for effortless sanding of both confined spaces and on large surfaces. The LEROS-S is light, balanced, and easy to handle, and its large sanding pad with a 5 mm random orbit makes it possible to work faster with a more even result, for a high-quality surface finish. For greater reach, a 19" extension shaft can connect at the end of the handle. The sander head pivots 140° and two dedicated grip points so you can approach the work from a comfortable angle with full control and maneuverability when sanding. The LEROS-S connects to a supplied Mirka 1230 HEPA AFC dust extractor via 13’ vacuum hose. A durable sleeve to store the hose and power cord makes handling easier and protects the work surface from scratches. This professional AFC dust extractor has a high-performance motor and turbine, which creates 250 mbar vacuum and 4 500 l/min air flow. The AutoStart function increases the lifetime of the motor and reduces noise. Flat top with space for storage and large wheels for better maneuverability. Auto-filter cleaning for convenience and consistent performance. Hose and cable storage for more comfortable transportation.

The kit comes with 2 retail packs of Abranet grip discs (10 of each grit: 180 and 240). Abranet features a polyamide fabric net structure that ensures a sanding particle is never more than 0.5 mm from a dust extraction hole. The kit also comes with 3 boxes of Abralon J3 (10 discs per pack of grits: 360, 500 and 1000). Abralon® J3 is a unique multifunctional Abralon abrasive for an ultrafine surface finish for both smooth and profiled surfaces. Abralon J3 has a higher density foam layer which is only 3 mm thick. Recommended for high gloss applications, leaving a very smooth surface prior to polish. Dust-free sanding can be a true competitive advantage for your business. By removing dust, you make your workplace more efficient and reduces health risks associated with airborne dust.