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Insoles - MEGAComfort PAM Diabetic™, DIAB

SKU: 14768-DIAB-W567
$35.77 CAD

Insoles - MEGAComfort PAM Diabetic™, DIAB - Women's 5-6-7 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #,: DIAB

PAM Diabetic™ Insole is ergonomically designed by a Doctor, using a unique triple layer technology consisting of patented high density dual layer 100% memory foam and EVA top layer. The PAM Diabetic Insole provides maximum shock comfort and unique pressure distribution that helps relieves pressure from sensitive areas. Ideal for stationary and mobile workforce. Ideal for Diabetic feet. 

•  Maximum comfort with unique pressure distribution
•  Unique Triple Layer Technology – EVA foam and dual layer  memory foam
•  Ergonomically Designed By A Doctor
•  Soft Contoured Arch Support for Balance, Comfort and Cushioning
•  Temperature Regulating Aeration Holes
•  Machine Washable

MC Item # Men Women
DIAB-W567 5-6-7
DIAB-M67/W89 6-7 8-9
DIAB-M89/W1011 8-9 10-11
DIAB-M1011/W1213 10-11 12-13
DIAB-M1213 12-13
DIAB-M1415 14-15