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Shovel - Garant Pro Series 21" Large Polypro Blade Snow Pusher, GIPP21KD

SKU: 14597-GIPP21KD
$38.59 CAD
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Item #: GIPP21KD

Clear away snow without having to lift it with the Garant industrial-grade snow pusher. Designed for professionals, its polypropylene blade is 30% more durable than the traditional polyethylene blade. This tool is perfect for pushing away light snow on large surfaces. An indispensable tool for dealing with Canadian winters!

  • 21" wide plastic snow shovel perfect to push snow on large surfaces efficiently
  • Polypropylene blade, 30% more resistant to wear than regular poly blades
  • High quality long hardwood varnished handle
  • Industrial grade high wearing and impact resistance, cold weather adaptable material
  • Angled ergonomic grip for more comfort in use
  • Tool free, easy to assemble knock down system