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Sledge Hammer - Jet 6 Lb Dead Blow, 740927

PU621503 Basket

SKU: 14768-740927
$411.03 CAD

Sledge Hammer - Jet 6 Lb Dead Blow, 740927 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Product # 740927 | Model # DB-600HD

  • Polyurethane is much tougher and longer lasting than PVC – up to 5 times the life
  • Steel shot filled head directs full force of blow to the work preventing rebound
  • Soft face will not mar work
  • Steel skeleton encased in tough Polyurethane jacket (1 - 4 lb models)
  • Fibreglass handle with Polyurethane covered striking head (6 - 12 lb models)
  • TPV handle grip for superior control and comfort
  • Temperature range of -20°C to 90°C