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Electrostatic Dissipative Gloves - Superior Glove Superior Touch® PU-Coated Nylon S13PUCF

SKU: 15270-S13PUCF-5
$4.59 CAD
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Item #: S13PUCF

These Superior Touch® gloves benefit from a carbon filament that grounds energy and prevents static charges from building, making them an ideal choice for working with electronics. Their continuous-filament nylon knit also provides outstanding touch sensitivity and durability, and a polyurethane palm coating provides a strong grip. They’re lint-free and non-marring, suiting them to work with glass and other delicate materials.

  • Knit from tough-wearing, continuous-filament nylon for great touch sensitivity and durability
  • Carbon filament throughout for electro-static dissipation
  • Polyurethane palm coating provides a strong grip and superior tactile feel
  • Ideal for glass handling, these non-marring gloves will not leave residue, smudges or fingerprints
  • Touchscreen compatible to seamlessly move between tasks
  • Lint-free and anti-static
  • Applications: automotive, electronics, glass manufacturing, metal fabrication