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Tumbler - Chilly Moose 14 oz Brent Insulator & Tumbler, Various Colours

SKU: 22175-DWINSBO14
$32.99 CAD
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Item #: DWINS 14

Meet the Brent: a 5-in-1 insulator and tumbler.

Versatility and added value are the inspiration behind the Brent Quad Insulator. Engineered to fit a standard can, standard bottle and slim can - even a tall boy. Feel like having a stiffer drink instead? No problem, simply switch the lid and now you've got a 14oz tumbler that will keep your libation icy cold, or your swig of caffeine piping hot. Double-wall, vacuum insulated premium stainless steel, easy to clean, no sweat exterior and comfortable to hold. Includes a refreezable Chilly Ice Puck for extra chill.