ULV Fogger - EnviroNize® Disinfecting/Sanitizing ENVULVFOG / ENVULV-TKN / EUDS0503 / EUDS0504 / EUDS0505 / EUDS0506


*DO NOT USE any solution other than the EnviroNize Anolyte 50 ULV | Dry Mist FOG Sanitizer with the EnviroNize ULV Fogger*

  • Strong injection and ultra-low volume spraying function ensures the penetration and diffusion to fine areas.
  • The EnviroNize® ULV Fogger has a wide array of applications, making it one of the most versatile and powerful ULV Foggers on the market.
  • Disinfection | Sterilization: The EnviroNize® ULV Fogger enables injection of EnviroNize Anolyte 50 ULV | Dry Mist FOG Sanitizer solution to every area of its targeted disinfection. Its small micron droplet nozzle that is adjustable provides for complete coverage and protection against infectious pathogens.
  • Application | Spray: The EnviroNize® ULV Fogger has a unique "open | close" valve providing ultimate spraying. The "Solution Flow" can easily be adjusted from releasing maximum solution when fully open to a reduced smaller micro flow when only slightly open. The EnviroNize® ULV Fogger can also be utilized as a "blow dryer" when the "open | close" valve is fully closed. In this setting the EnviroNize® ULV Fogger provides quick and immediate blow drying to areas such as electrical components and metals where applied solution should not be exposed to long periods of time.


  • Switch (On/Off) function
  • Control of solution amount
  • Includes Two Tanks: EnviroNize Anolyte Tank | Flush Tank
  • One-touch exchange of solution tank
  • Powerful Blower allows fast air drying as well as administering solution
  • Adjustable 5-10 Micron droplet size
  • CSA Approved 110V and 220V
  • 3 litre solution reservoir
  • Spray reach 5-10 meters
  • Long supply cord to allow for maximum coverage

View the specification sheet & safety data sheet below for additional information on this product: 
Specification Sheet
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Corded ULV Fogger 
3 Litre Extra Solution Reservoir - Natural
EUDS0503 Anolyte 50 ULV | Dry Mist Fog Sanitizer - 3.785 L | 128 oz
EUDS0504 Anolyte 50 ULV | Dry Mist Fog Sanitizer - 20 L
EUDS0505 Anolyte 50 ULV | Dry Mist Fog Sanitizer - 208 L
EUDS0506 Anolyte 50 ULV | Dry Mist Fog Sanitizer - 1000 L