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Utility Knife - Martor SECUMAX MOBILEX, 45137.08

SKU: 14895-45137.08
$25.21 CAD

Utility Knife - Martor SECUMAX MOBILEX, 45137.08 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Item #: 45137.08


 Paper, film, foam? Not a problem at all! But wait, there's more! The SECUMAX MOBILEX is the only safety knife with a concealed blade and an adjustable cutting depth. Make blade access larger or smaller by setting the in-built cutting depth adjuster. Set a depth ranging from low 2 mm to great 10 mm. It all depends on your requirements and the size of the material you need to cut.

- Light weight and ergonomic

- Tool free blade change

- Ten cutting depths

- For left and right handers

- 4-cutting edge blade

Dimensions: 4.49" L x 0.61" W x 2.32" H 

Weight: 1.68 oz

Cutting depth: 10.2 mm