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Utility Knife - PHC Left-Handed Safety Cutter, SC330L

$3.64 CAD $9.10 CAD

Item #: SC330L

To remove the blade:

  1. Depress thumb button and extend blade cartridge as far as it will go
  2. Lift up on tip of blade and rotate down away from upper bent tab

To replace blade, slide the blade along the blade carriage completely into the cutter body until the front notch on the blade closest to your thumb aligns with the bent tab on the blade cartridge. Then, depress thumb button and retract the blade back into one of the locked positions. 

To open blade storage compartment, simply pull up at the thumb depression point to unlatch and rotate open. Then, gently use the index finger to press the blades forward and slide on blade out. To close compartment, just rotate back into the handle and press down to re-engage the locking mechanism.