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Wall Plate - Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Compact Wall Plate, 48-22-8486

SKU: 48-22-8486
$28.05 CAD


Item #: 48-22-8486

The PACKOUT™ Compact Wall Plate features Quick-Alignment Tabs to make installing rows and columns of multiple wall plates easier. This Compact Wall Plate is constructed with Metal Reinforced Mounting Points and impact-resistant polymers that ensure secure mounting in shop, transit, and site environments. The Compact Wall Plate has a 50lbs weight capacity when mounted in the shop, and a 25lbs when mounted in vehicles. As part of the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System, the PACKOUT™ Compact Wall Plate allows you to customize your storage system and keep your storage solutions organized. MILWAUKEE® PACKOUT™ is the industry's most versatile and durable modular storage system.


  • PACKOUT™ Compact Wall Plate(48-22-8486)