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Stock Up on Winter Protection Industrial Safety Equipment and Supplies - Hansler.com

Discover Industrial Safety Equipment and Supplies for Winter Protection from Hansler Smith

Hansler Smith is now inviting clients to review their selection of industrial safety equipment for winter protection. The company’s many lines of equipment and supplies are designed to ensure that clients can respond to seasonal challenges within the industrial space, including insulated gloves and warming products. It’s a selection offered to ensure team safety throughout the winter.

Put Safety First

By turning to the latest safety products, companies can now ensure their work teams complete their duties confidently at the highest of safety levels. Slips and falls are common during the winter season, where teams are often working in icy conditions. Cool temperatures are also a concern, and teams must be protected against the freezing conditions. It is why so many companies are now purchasing high quality safety equipment from Hansler Smith.

Get a Range of Seasonal Products

Included in the line of products from Hansler Smith is their Honeywell North™ Pull Over Winter Liner, which is designed to provide head and neck protection for outside workers. The company also offers a full range of insulated protective gloves like the winter-lined Superior Glove - Dexterity, which is made of Nylon, and features a PVC Palm. This is one of their clients' favourites for winter months!

HotHands and Foot Warmers are also a must for what might be one of the most frigid winters in recent years. Blistex Medicated Lip Balm and other shells and liners for head protection beneath hard hats are important considerations as temperatures drop below freezing.

Also available, and on sale now for a limited time is Anchor Rock Salt , Storage Bins and the industry-leading Blue Power Ice Melter which is effective down to a boggling -31°C. This sale is only available while supplies last - so act fast!

About Hansler Smith

To discover more on the full range of industrial safety equipment offered by the team at Hansler Smith, please call 1-800-267-8150 to have them direct your call to your closest location or visit their website and review the Products section to browse and purchase in-stock merchandise.