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Industrial Tooling In-Stock Additions - Hansler.com

The Value of Ready-to-Ship Tooling Basics

Looking for industrial hand tools, power tools and accessories at wholesale pricing? As of January 2018, Hansler Smith is now stocking various products for our clients' industrial tooling needs. In Ontario, the competition on tools is fierce, but with superior supplier relationships, excellent customer service and the IN-STOCK product quality and variety - Hansler Smith fits the bill. 

With Gray Tools' warranty - its hard to go wrong. Gray Tools are built to last and they outperform. Details like the mirror chrome on the 7-Piece Wrench Sets, Reversible Ratchet and Socket Sets, are also an added benefit.


With fluctuating industry trends and tighter budgets, pre-purchasing tooling supplies and equipment is not ideal. With these in-stock additions, clients will no longer have to worry about lead and ship time to acquire the everyday tools they need to have employees perform basic work functions. 

Many of the selected in-stock offerings fall under the "Tools Everyone Should Own" category, so it only makes sense that these tools' uses and ultimate versatility are worthwhile for the workplace as well. One surely never knows when they may need a hammer, a measuring tape, a level or more utility knives - on the jobsite, or off it.

For all your industrial tooling supply needs in Ontario, think of Hansler Smith. With 65 years in business, Hansler has become excellent at delivering clients the right product at the right time for the right price. 



Discover Hansler Smith's Guaranteed IN-STOCK Hand Tools - Hansler.com

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SHOWA Glove Sample Pack - Hansler.com

Introducing our New SHOWA Glove Samples

New Product Samples

Hansler Smith is very excited to show their clients their brand new glove rolls from Showa, in celebration of integrating a few of their gloves into the expanded 2018 Stock Catalogue. There's no easier way to prove quality and suitability, than by simply trying it on.

The rolls provide a good breadth of cut, water, abrasion, tear, puncture, cold and chemically resistant gloves and include our IN-STOCK selections for 2018:

Showa 306®, 13-Gauge, Latex Coated Knit, S-XXL

  • Engineered full foam aerated latex coating, extra grip coating on palm
  • Breathable coating technology
  • Breathable 13 gauge liner
  • Anatomical hand shape design
  • Seamless knit

Showa 406® Double-Layer Latex Coated Knit, M-XXL

  • Engineered full foam latex coating with second latex coating on palm
  • Protects hands down to -30°C for short or intermittent contact
  • Water repellent, seamless knit
  • Breathable coating technology
  • Anatomical hand shape design

Showa 4561® Kevlar® Strength Zorb-IT 15-Gauge, S-XXL

  • The latest innovation in protective gloves
  • Engineered with Kevlar® strength for unbelievable comfort with exceptional cut, heat and flame resistance
  • Thinner glove for improved dexterity Zorb-IT® grip technology absorbs 2x more oil for stronger grip
  • Made with a 15-gauge liner and a premium fit for long-use comfort
  • ASTM ANSI Cut Resistance Level A4


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Holiday Injury Trends - Hansler.com

The Shocking Ways Canadians Injure Themselves Over the Holidays and How to Prevent It

According to the recent studies, a staggering number of injuries happen over the holidays, and as every good Occupational Health and Safety coordinator knows, identifying hazards is the first step to solving them.

The increase in injuries seen over the holiday season ranges from minor cuts, scrapes, slips and falls to life-altering incidents. 

One Alberta Emergency Department Doctor studied the trends he was seeing in his direct practise and found that from 2002 to 2012, that about 70% of the non-minor injuries involved neurological damage (from skull fractures to bleeding on the brain), 43% suffered spinal damage and roughly 66% sustained lung or chest trauma. 95% of the patients with these severe injuries were male, the average age of patients was 55 and the majority fell from a ladder directly as opposed to from the roof. 

On top of hanging and removing decorations, Canadians also suffered injuries from slips, trips and falls, motor-vehicle crashes compounded by slippery roads and, to a lesser extent, cooking-related injuries. Year round, falls have overtaken motor-vehicle accidents as a more major cause of serious injuries - both on and off the jobsite.

It is important to remind employees to take the same precautions that would be expected of them in a work setting at home when taking on these holiday-related tasks. As flippant as most Canadians are about such holiday tasks, a lack of appropriate planning and safety precautions on the part of employees can cost their employers profoundly in the long run. With New Years parties around the corner, this remains a pressing health and safety concern worth discussion.

The Accident Claims Advice (Organization) (ACA), tallied data and found similar results. In their report, specific circumstances were highlighted which offers insight into the ways in which these incidents can be better prevented:

  • 36-year-old male was putting up Christmas decorations, looked up, sneezed and swallowed a thumb tack.
  • 44-year-old female was on a ladder taking down Christmas lights when she slipped and fell off her porch.
  • 10-year-old male was riding a hoverboard he got as a Christmas present and fell off.
  • 34-year-old female was drinking alcohol at a Christmas party and fell over, hitting her head on a table.
  • 65-year-old female was carrying a Christmas tree down steps to basement at home and fell.
  • 32-year-old male was dancing at a Christmas party when he twisted and sprained his left knee.
  • 14-year-old male stapled his finger while using a staple gun to hang Christmas lights.
  • 39-year-old male was hanging Christmas lights on an outdoor tree when he burned his wrist, causing him to startle and fall 16 feet from ladder.

Certainly, the prevalence and nature of the aforementioned incidents re-affirms that First Aid Kits are a crucially important part of every workplace and home environment.

Though we may hope to go long between uses that we nearly forget they're there, it's important to check the expiration date of your supplies, top up anything that has been used and ensure there's an adequate amount of supplies per kit depending on the number of people in your household/employees.

>> Click THIS link to Purchase our In-Stock Offering, or give us a call today!

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Guide to Confined Space - Hansler.com

Confined Space Guide: What You Need to Know, and What You Need to Supply

Confined Space FAQs

What is a Confined Space?

According to the Ministry of Labour, a confined space means a "fully or partially enclosed space, that is 1. (a) that is not both designed and constructed for continuous human occupancy, and (b) in which atmospheric hazards may occur because of its construction, location or contents or because of work that is done in it."

What Kinds of Hazards Should be Considered?

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, hazards in confined spaces can include any of the following:

  • Poor air quality
  • Hazards from asphyxiants 
  • Chemical exposures due to skin contact or ingestion as well as inhalation of 'bad' air.
  • Fire hazard: There may be an explosive/flammable atmosphere due to flammable liquids and gases and combustible dusts which if ignited would lead to fire or explosion.
  • Process-related hazards such as residual chemicals, release of contents of a supply line.
  • Physical hazards: noise, heat/cold, radiation, vibration, electrical, and inadequate lighting.
  • Safety hazards such as moving parts of equipment, structural hazards, engulfment, entanglement, slips, falls.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Shifting or collapse of bulk material.
  • Barrier failure resulting in a flood or release of free-flowing solid or liquid.
  • Visibility (e.g., smoke particles in air).
  • Biological hazards


Quick-Guide to 2015 Legislative Changes for Construction

In terms of confined space entry, the last of the changes legislatively occurred back in August of 2015, and previous to that, in 2011. In 2015, The Ministry of Labour re-defined confined space within the construction industry in 5 main ways:

(1) Controlling Contractor

  • The controlling contractor became responsible for coordinating the activities of employees at the job site.

  • Previously, it was called the "host employer" which essentially meant the project proponent. This is a critically important point for any business which regularly acts as a subcontractor. The controlling contractor is defined as being 

    (2) Competent Person

    • Evaluation of job sites to identify what could be defined as confined space and take adequate safety precautions as a result, now has to be done by what is called a 'competent person' in the legislation. This raises some issues as the OSHA defines a competent person as "someone capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards, and who has the authority to enact prompt changes."

      (3) Atmospheric Monitoring

      • Prior to 2011, periodic (occasional) monitoring was sufficient to meet the atmospheric monitoring condition, but no set time interval minimum was set
      • Now, the Ministry demands that employers should monitor atmospheric conditions "continuously" while recognizing that in some instances that may be closer in practice to periodic monitoring depending on the environment

      (4) Engulfment hazards monitoring

      • Employers must use early-warning systems to monitor for such things as flash flooding to ensure workers have sufficient time to safely exit the confined space

      (5) Suspension of permits

        • Entry permits can be suspended without the need to re-apply for a new one, in case external, temporary hazards are present for the previously committed entry time - examples of this may include: thunderstorms, flooding, power outages, or severe weather events


      Safety Equipment and Supplies

      Fall Arrest Equipment

      In terms of confined space, the first thing people often think of is Fall Arrest equipment - and rightfully so. At Hansler, the Miller Honeywell Titan II Non-Stretch Harness, the North Hybrid Soft Pak Energy-Absorbing Lanyard, the North/Miller DuraFlex Python Harness and the North/Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiter are always IN-STOCK, GUARANTEED. Countless other harnesses and accessories can be obtained through a simple order.

      >> SHOP these Fall Arrest items here.

      Respiratory Protection

      Hansler Smith has a wide array of IN-STOCK respiratory protective pieces including full and half face piece respirators and filters and cartridges. Hansler Smith wants to equip you with the best, and with brands that you can trust - that's why Honeywell North 7600, 7700 and 3M's 6000 and 6500 face pieces can be found in-stock, for just one example.

      >> BROWSE the entire Respiratory Protection category here.

      Other Personal Protective Equipment of Importance

      Head Protection and Protective Clothing are also highly important in a confined space to protect workers from both falling and any potential biological hazards that may be present or arise. 

      >> Explore IN-STOCK offerings in these categories by clicking here (Head Protection), and here (Protective Clothing). 


      What can Hansler Smith offer that differs from your current industrial supply provider?

      Industrial Safety Supplies Ontario for Confined Space - Hansler.com

      Hansler Smith has some of the greatest manufacturing agreements in the industrial supply sphere in Ontario and those savings are transferred on to our clients. Hansler's customer service is unmatched by the competition - typically offering same day delivery on in-stock merchandise, for no delivery fees.

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      Happy Holidays from Hansler Smith! - Hansler.com
      CHECK OUT OUR NEW IN-STOCK MERCHANDISE for 2018 - Hansler.com

      READ THIS for a Sneak Peek Into Our Massive 2018 Stock Catalogue Expansion

      Even in the industrial supply realm, it is sometimes easy to forget the value of having your bases covered. With markets trending only ever so slowly upwards, it seems like a good time to stick to just the immediate needs with regards to your industrial supply purchasing. Problematically, sometimes a need arises that wasn't predicted and suddenly, you find yourself in a bit of a mess - what if your industrial supplier doesn't carry Hand Tools and the like "basics" in-stock?

      Hansler Smith wants to take this opportunity to let existing and prospective clients know that we are expanding our in-stock offerings, so you can rest assured that this Ontario industrial supplier has what you need, when you need it.

      The 2018 edition of the annual Stock Catalogue, which is set to release in January 2018, will now contain:

      On top of the Packaging, Safety and Janitorial sections it had previously. The dramatic increase in breadth of Hansler in-stock offerings is in part due to a successful 2017 - and in celebration of our 65th anniversary in business! 

      Hansler Smith was founded in 1953 as a one-location operation, and it has grown since then to multiple locations across Ontario with hundreds of thousands of product offerings from thousands of manufacturers. As we endeavour into our 65th year, our commitment to providing the right product to the right customer at the right time has strengthened. 

      Every addition in our 2018 Stock Catalogue is also being added to the website, making it easier than ever for you to shop Hansler Smith online. Stay tuned to the Product pages to keep up to date as prices change and new products are being added daily!


      3M - North by Honeywell - Superior Glove - Ronco - DuPont - Kimberly-Clark* Professional - Showa - Gray Tools - Kuny's - Lift-rite - Konstant Storage Solutions - Clarkson-Osborn - M2 Professional - Olfa - Blended Specialty Chemicals - Coast - Saltex - Brady - Deb - Samuel Strapping - Pyramex - Eco II - Lawrasons - Justrite - Dentec Safety Specialists Inc - Malpack - Phoenix - Baffin - Intertape/ICI - Edge Protective Eyewear - Metalware - H. Paulin & Co - Zebra Paper Converters Inc - Doverco and many more! 

      Reserve your copy of the upcoming Catalogue today by filling in the form, giving us a call at 800-267-8150 or sending an email to sales@hansler.com

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      2017-2018 Holiday Hours - Hansler Smith

      Holiday Hours 2017-18

      Please find above our HOURS OF OPERATION for the 2017-2018 Holiday Season. We are looking forward to continuing to help you and your business with innovative solutions, service and value into 2018.

      We invite you to continue to check out our website while we're away to get the most of our Current Promotions, Reserve Your Copy of Our Upcoming Stock Catalogue and to Discover all Kinds of Great Content. Placing your order(s) online is fast, easy and secure.

      Thank you for your business!

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      Industrial Supplies Ontario - Hansler.com

      A Guide to Selecting Quality Industrial Supply Products in Ontario

      Finding industrial supplies for your business requires you to work with qualified specialists to find the highest caliber products at affordable pricing. Our team at Hansler Smith has many years experience in the Ontario industrial supply marketplace and in this latest post, we’ll explain how to select the highest quality products for your needs.

      Speak with Teams Directly

      One of the first mistakes many industrial company leaders make when choosing products is they simply review the catalogue of a company and then order directly. This may mean they select products that don’t offer the requisite value and performance for their application. It’s the reason it’s so important to work with an industrial supply specialist before choosing the ideal product. A specialist can guide you through the available options and help you make direct comparisons between multiple products. This can then ensure you consolidate your costs as you buy more supplies in the future.

      Consider the Delivery Timeline and Costs

      When ordering new industrial supply products, make sure you take the delivery process into full consideration. It can take a significant amount of time to get orders in from some of the big names in the industrial supply marketplace, but not when you shop industrial supplies in Ontario with Hansler Smith. Oftentimes companies don’t take this period of time into consideration during the ordering process, and this can mean they’re left without the supplies in their business before the order arrives. Make sure you’re covered for the days the order is being shipped and speak with the team about the delivery timeline to confirm all elements of the process before finalizing the purchase.

      Review Sales Carefully

      It’s important to take into consideration the periods in the year when new industrial supplies are entering the marketplace. Savvy business owners can reduce their supply costs considerably by placing bulk orders during sale periods to ensure they capitalize on the lower price.

      Our team at Hansler Smith are experts in delivering quality industrial supplies at reduced pricing. To learn more about the complete range of options available, call us today.

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      Spill Containment and Absorbents - Hansler.com

      A Spill Can Happen Anytime, Don't Get Caught Off Guard

      When an incident within the industrial workplace involves chemicals, the team in charge of the cleanup process  will require high-quality industrial spill kits to respond to the issue. In this latest post, we’ll highlight our industrial spill kits and why so many are buying their kits through Hansler Smith.

      Quality Options at Affordable Pricing

      One of the foremost reasons companies are now buying their industrial spill kits through our team at Hansler Smith is that we offer the highest quality product options at the most affordable pricing possible. Our Custom Spill Kits are put together to be fully comprehensive and offer everything you might require, taking the guess work out of purchasing. Remembering for instance, to ensure that your staff have access to a proper drain cover may seem trivial in advance, but in the moments following a spill it can make a tremendous difference in limiting the spread of any spilt liquids. 

      In addition to our custom industrial spill kits, we also offer smaller spill kits for industrial settings which deal with chemicals but perhaps not on a regular basis or in small quantities. Standalone spill management products are also available, such as the Brady Basic Universal Heavy Weight Pad . Individual pads, SOCs and the other products available in our Absorbents and Spill Containment category are specially designed to offer resistance to a variety of fluids and are best applied when a full kit deployment isn't required due to low toxicity, the surrounding area of the spill or for small volume spills.

      Another fantastic new product available through Hansler Smith is the SpillFix Granular. It has 4x the absorption power of clay granular, is made with 100% natural and recycled materials, produces no carcinogens or dust and is certified safe for landfill disposal. The cost savings to be able to use this product and then discard it with regular waste to a landfill site could be astronomical. The other great thing is that it's widely effective. It classifies as extremely effective on hydrocarbons, water-based fluids and most aggressive chemicals. Abrasion-resistant, UV-resistant and wind-resistant, this bottle or bag of gold is a must-have in every workplace. 

      Why Turn to Hansler Smith?

      Companies across the industrial marketplace are now turning to Hansler Smith because they recognize our commitment to product quality and to the quality of service. A reason we’ve developed such a large customer-base in recent years is our ability to deliver the best products quickly and for minimal to no delivery cost. Similar companies charge profound amounts in delivery charges, so while the unit price may be appealing, once those additions get tacked on, you're spending far more.

      Our quick delivery service also means that companies aren’t left waiting when they require access to safety products such as the latest industrial spill kits. This means companies are spending less and less time with the risk of liability hanging over their heads.

      Shop with Us Today

      Our experts at Hansler Smith are here to guide you in choosing industrial spill containment products for your business. To know more about our company and the complete range of Industrial Supplies in Ontario, contact us today!

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      The Ultimate Guide to Protective Gloves #Blog - Hansler.com

      The ULTIMATE Guide to Finding the Right Protective Gloves

      Need Protective Gloves? Get The Right Pair for the Job:

      Protective gloves are a critically important component of any industrial safety program. The dramatic and unsettling rise of hand injuries on the job was picked up going back at least to 2002, when Statistics Canada launched an extensive data assimilation project on the topic. It was found then, and it continues to be true today, that the most likely injury that a worker will sustain on the job is to the hand. At that time, over a quarter of all of the work injuries reviewed over a two year period, were to the hand. Perhaps more concerning though, was the finding that acute workplace injuries resulted in 465 deaths from 2002 to 2004 and close to 300,000 compensated time-loss claims.

      As an employer or worker, understanding the ASTM ANSI rating system for gloves is absolutely critical to know whether or not your protective equipment is adequate (whether you are engaging in unsafe work). ANSI classifies gloves by their abrasion resistance, tear resistance, cut resistance and puncture resistance, though not all gloves are sent for certification under all of the categories. In each category, Level 1 is the lowest level of protection and Level 5 is the highest. New ANSI rules have changed this scale slightly in terms of cut resistance, but until gloves are sent for re-certification, this scale works well.

      Abrasion Resistance

      Abrasion refers to a drag force applied across the glove or hand, and is typically repetitive. If a person were to inadvisably put their protective glove on a belt sander for instance, the speed at which the glove wore down would be an informal measure of its abrasion resistance. In terms of ANSI standards, abrasion resistance is how much of this type of force the glove can withstand from not just any old abrasive, but from a sharp object.

      Tear Resistance

      A glove with a high tear resistance, by contrast, is useful in similar applications. The tear resistance is very self-explanatory and may in some cases speak more to the longevity of the glove than how well it protects, depending on the work environment. 

      Cut Resistance

      Cut resistance is probably the most important quality of protective gloves for most applications, and therefore it is the ANSI rating you'll hear referred to most often when it comes to protective gloves.

      Puncture Resistance

      In some specific industries and roles, puncture resistance can actually be more important than the cut resistance rating of a glove, such as working with stone, brick, sheet metal or glass. Again however, this depends on what the specific job functions of your company look like.

      Overall, Level 1 and 2 rankings mean that there's moderate/standard protection, they are typically woven gloves, provide good breathability and are very economical. Levels 3 to 5 then, are what we would call heavy duty or high performance hand protection. They are coated and multi-layered to improve resistance and tend to be extremely durable.

      Disposable Gloves

      Sometimes, we require gloves for the protection of others as well as our workers, as is often the case in health care and food processing industries. Disposable gloves with industry-leading classifications, at the right price, are then what you need. They can be made with standard latex, nitrile or vinyl, can be powdered, lightly powdered or powder free. They also may have an anti-roll cuff feature so that the gloves stay securely and comfortably on your hand, may be shaped to reduce hand fatigue and have varying levels of chemical and liquid resistance.

      The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)'s approval to use specific disposable gloves for food processing and handling is another important consideration. We carry approximately 10 different types of disposable and knit gloves in-stock at all times guaranteed, which are CFIA approved. We also carry Kimberly-Clark's Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves, which are considered a Level II medical device as certified by Health Canada.

      Other Considerations

      Anti-static qualities, high levels of chemical resistance, high visibility, heat resistance and whether you need gloves which are insulated for winter protection are also important components of finding the right glove to prevent unfortunate incidents at work. 

      A Wide Selection of Gloves

      On our website you will notice that more and more of our gloves have the ANSI rating as a part of the image of the glove. That's because we want to make sure we are getting you a product that actually works for your application. We want the ANSI ratings of the gloves we have in-stock to be clear as day, to make it easy for you to shop online.

      In total, we have a massive selection of gloves, and only a very small portion of the gloves we have available to us are displayed on our website. As is true with every category, what is on our website are just the products we have in-stock, ready to go out to you at a moment's notice. But if for any reason we don't have an in-stock glove to suit your needs or fancy, there is a huge selection to choose from through our many suppliers.

      More Information

      Partnering with a supplier who has a wide selection of protective gloves available is always going to be in your best interest. As your business changes, industry changes and protective gloves improve, you need a contact who will continue to work with you and have access to the best hand protection at the best cost for you. Getting workers the right hand protection, at the right time, and the right price to get the job done right is something Hansler Smith knows a lot about. Click, call, email us or come in to any of our branches for more information on the products we sell or to have us review your hand protection needs.



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      Stock Up on Winter Protection Industrial Safety Equipment and Supplies - Hansler.com

      Discover Industrial Safety Equipment and Supplies for Winter Protection from Hansler Smith

      Hansler Smith is now inviting clients to review their selection of industrial safety equipment for winter protection. The company’s many lines of equipment and supplies are designed to ensure that clients can respond to seasonal challenges within the industrial space, including insulated gloves and warming products. It’s a selection offered to ensure team safety throughout the winter.

      Put Safety First

      By turning to the latest safety products, companies can now ensure their work teams complete their duties confidently at the highest of safety levels. Slips and falls are common during the winter season, where teams are often working in icy conditions. Cool temperatures are also a concern, and teams must be protected against the freezing conditions. It is why so many companies are now purchasing high quality safety equipment from Hansler Smith.

      Get a Range of Seasonal Products

      Included in the line of products from Hansler Smith is their Honeywell North™ Pull Over Winter Liner, which is designed to provide head and neck protection for outside workers. The company also offers a full range of insulated protective gloves like the winter-lined Superior Glove - Dexterity, which is made of Nylon, and features a PVC Palm. This is one of their clients' favourites for winter months!

      HotHands and Foot Warmers are also a must for what might be one of the most frigid winters in recent years. Blistex Medicated Lip Balm and other shells and liners for head protection beneath hard hats are important considerations as temperatures drop below freezing.

      Also available, and on sale now for a limited time is Anchor Rock Salt , Storage Bins and the industry-leading Blue Power Ice Melter which is effective down to a boggling -31°C. This sale is only available while supplies last - so act fast!

      About Hansler Smith

      To discover more on the full range of industrial safety equipment offered by the team at Hansler Smith, please call 1-800-267-8150 to have them direct your call to your closest location or visit their website and review the Products section to browse and purchase in-stock merchandise.

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      What Makes the Right Packing Tape? - Hansler.com

      Looking At the Benefits of Different Packaging Tape Types

      When people are looking for construction and packaging supplies in Ontario, the adhesive tape isn't always the first thing they think of.  However, the tape is a critical component in just about any packaging, and there are definitely pros and cons to the various types of adhesive tape on the market.  Choosing the right tape for the right job will almost always make that job go more smoothly.

      So, we wanted to quickly look at some common types of adhesive tape you can find when buying and what situations they're best suited for.

      Picking the Right Tape for the Right Job

      1. Paper Tape 

      For basic packaging needs, paper tape is one of the traditional go-tos.  It's inexpensive and easy to work with, while still being quite strong.  Different strengths are available, some reinforced with fibers that give the tape even more heft.  This is one of the most common types of tape you'll find in packaging for a reason.

      1. Vinyl Tape

      Tape made of vinyl is generally used in electrical work, such as this 3M electrical tape.  Vinyl tape is generally not well-suited for shipping purposes or for holding things together for long.  Its glue is too weak to hold up to too much strain and is best suited for wrapping around itself.  Basically, the main thing vinyl tape is good for is as a non-conductive wrap for wiring - and it's great at that.

      1. Plastic Tape

      Plastic tapes include Scotch Tape, and it's fantastic as a general-purpose tape for holding papers together or repairing small rips. The lack of strength can be something of a benefit since it's often possible to remove plastic tapes from sensitive objects without damaging them. However, it's a poor fit for most other applications, including packaging or any situation where long-term durability is needed.

      1. Duct Tape

      Duct tape comes in many flavors, including 3M Heavy Duty varieties, and is well-loved by hobbyists and MacGyver’s. The benefit of duct tape is its versatility.  While it’s primary usage is for containment - actually repairing ducts - it is both strong and sticky enough to be used in a huge variety of applications.  

      For The Best in Product Solutions, Turn To Hansler Smith

      For over sixty years, we've provided top-quality products for a variety of applications.  Browse our catalog to see for yourself!

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