Come See Us at the Eastern Ontario Waterworks Association 60th Conference

Come See Us at the Eastern Ontario Waterworks Association 60th Conference

Hansler Smith Limited is excited to announce our participation in the 60th annual Eastern Ontario Waterworks Association (EOWWA) Conference on October 24th and 25th, 2017.

Stop by our booth  to say hello and for a discussion with our experts on all of the ways we can serve businesses in the waste, wastewater and municipal spheres. 

Location:      Hansler Smith Ltd. Booth 17

                    The Gallipeau Centre  

                    361 Queen Street

                    Smiths Falls, Ontario

                    K7A 0A6

Industrial Suppliers Tradeshow - EOWWA Conference Location |


For more information about the Conference, please visit the Ontario Waterworks Association website here.



We Hope You Enjoyed Your Thanksgiving Long Weekend!

We Hope You Enjoyed Your Thanksgiving Long Weekend!

The entire Hansler Smith Limited team hopes that you had a fantastic, restful Thanksgiving long weekend filled with family, friends and feasting.

We, at Hansler Smith are thankful for your business.

The 5 Benefits of Introducing the Latest Ontario Inventory Management Systems for Your Organization

The 5 Benefits of Introducing the Latest Ontario Inventory Management Systems for Your Organization

Enacting inventory management strategies can help your organization consolidate its expenditure and drive profitability by allocating a greater number of resources to the business’s most important products. In order to achieve the ideal strategy for their organization, business leaders across Ontario now require access to the latest inventory management systems. Within this latest post, our Hansler Smith Limited team explore more on the benefits of using our Ontario inventory management systems and solutions.

  1. Gain Control Over Dispensing

One of the most important challenges of maintaining inventory management is gaining control over dispensing items. It is critical your team knows where your inventory is being moved to and to whom the inventory is being sent. Using the latest management system, this data is at your fingertips to help further hone the management process.

  1. Real-Time Tracking

The system can provide your team with real-time tracking for its inventory products. This ensures that any short-term issues can be analyzed and resolved quickly. For example, if a department requires a particular product on short notice, the team can track the product’s transit and plan more effectively for the product’s use.

  1. Maintenance Guidance

For equipment going through the maintenance process, companies must be able to determine the product’s maintenance history, its maintenance cost, and its return date. Maintaining a complete inventory management system ensures this information is available to the user to make proactive choices on equipment use. For example, they may determine that a product continually under maintenance must be swapped out for a more reliable model.

  1. Minimize Use of High-End Products

The products that are continually costing the company money and forcing the organization over its budget for the year should be analyzed carefully to ensure they’re providing full value for money. The ideal inventory management solution can help Ontario companies safeguard their spending and ensure they allocate resources to products that offer a clear ROI.

  1. Reduce Out of Stock Situations

When a high value product is out of stock, it can impact your organization in numerous ways. It can limit productivity during that timeframe and may lead to customers choosing competitor options. Turning to inventory management solutions helps limit this type of out of stock situations.

Hansler Smith Limited

Our team at Hansler Smith Limited is here to guide Ontario companies in choosing the latest inventory management products. To learn more, contact us today!

Discover the Latest Kimberly Clark Gloves at Hansler Smith Limited

Discover the Latest Kimberly Clark Gloves at Hansler Smith Limited

September 20, 2017 - Brockville, ON-based specialists for safety products, Hansler Smith are now inviting clients across the industrial marketplace to learn more on their Kimberly Clark safety gloves. The company’s full selection of safety gloves includes the Kimberly Clark Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves, which are designed with highly durable nitrile polymer to guard against the risks associated with type-1 natural rubber latex allergies.

The Importance of Safety Gloves

Within their machining and warehousing operations, companies now depend on the latest safety gear to keep their teams protected around the clock. The specialists Kimberly Clark are leaders within the safety accessories marketplace, and their gloves are among the most durable and reliable available. Now, the team at Hansler Smith Limited are offering reduced pricing on a full range of Kimberly Clark safety gloves.

Included within the Hansler Smith Limited collection is the Kimberly-Clark Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves, which are considered the ideal choice for lab workers because they combine comfort with exceptional tactile sensitivity. The product has also been cleared for use in chemotherapy applications and offers high level protection against spills and other errors with its textured fingertips and beaded cuffs. The Kimberly-Clark Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves are just one example of the quality Kimberly Clark gloves now available through Hansler Smith Limited.

About Hansler Smith Limited

To discover more on the full array of products available through the team at Hansler Smith, please contact their offices now at 613-342-4408 or visit their business website at


Canada 150!

Canada 150!

Hansler Smith Limited will be closed on Monday, July 3 in recognition of Canada's 150th Birthday. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday July 4.

As we celebrate Canada 150, we also wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend. Enjoy friends, family, food and fireworks --- and, of course, please remember to drink responsibly.


As you may have noticed, we've made some big changes to our website! 

In addition to an updated look-and-feel, improvements to navigation and more informative structure; we have also refreshed our content and product listing to coincide with the recent launch of Version 2 of our Stock Catalogue. If you would like to receive a copy of the Stock Catalogue - please click here to request one.

Stay tuned for announcements, promotional offers, and exciting new products as we strive to provide better service to you, our valued customers.

Happy Holidays!

We're here to support your business through the holidays. Our hours for the Christmas season are published here...

The Hottest Products for the Coldest Temperatures!

You can't beat winter, so you might as well enjoy it! And if you're not going to enjoy it - you have to accept it. Don't be unprepared to deal with the frigid temperatures and snow. We have what you need at Hansler Smith Limited.

Winter is on the way!

There’s no denying it: Ice on stairs, steps and walkways is extremely dangerous. Countless injuries are reported every year as a result of slippery walking conditions. Under certain circumstances, you could be held responsible if someone slips and gets hurt on your property. Don't let the icy winter get ahead of you. Prepare now with Ice Melter from Hansler Smith Limited. 

Fort Mac Day - A Great Success!

In early May, a wildfire ripped through Fort McMurray, Alberta, destroying neighbourhoods and displacing more than 80,000 people.

With an outpouring of support from across the country, the Canadian Red Cross launched the Alberta Fires Appeal and is providing vital assistance to evacuated residents.

Hansler Smith Limited is a proud Canadian owned and operated company, and we believe in helping our fellow Canadians in need. As such, we held "Fort Mac Day" on June 14, 2016. 2% of orders received on June 14 were donated to the Alberta Fires Appeal. This day was a fantastic success, and the Red Cross was thrilled to receive our contribution of $2,417.26.

Thank you to our Customers, for supporting this effort.