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Spill Containment and Absorbents - Hansler.com

A Spill Can Happen Anytime, Don't Get Caught Off Guard

When an incident within the industrial workplace involves chemicals, the team in charge of the cleanup process  will require high-quality industrial spill kits to respond to the issue. In this latest post, we’ll highlight our industrial spill kits and why so many are buying their kits through Hansler Smith.

Quality Options at Affordable Pricing

One of the foremost reasons companies are now buying their industrial spill kits through our team at Hansler Smith is that we offer the highest quality product options at the most affordable pricing possible. Our Custom Spill Kits are put together to be fully comprehensive and offer everything you might require, taking the guess work out of purchasing. Remembering for instance, to ensure that your staff have access to a proper drain cover may seem trivial in advance, but in the moments following a spill it can make a tremendous difference in limiting the spread of any spilt liquids. 

In addition to our custom industrial spill kits, we also offer smaller spill kits for industrial settings which deal with chemicals but perhaps not on a regular basis or in small quantities. Standalone spill management products are also available, such as the Brady Basic Universal Heavy Weight Pad . Individual pads, SOCs and the other products available in our Absorbents and Spill Containment category are specially designed to offer resistance to a variety of fluids and are best applied when a full kit deployment isn't required due to low toxicity, the surrounding area of the spill or for small volume spills.

Another fantastic new product available through Hansler Smith is the SpillFix Granular. It has 4x the absorption power of clay granular, is made with 100% natural and recycled materials, produces no carcinogens or dust and is certified safe for landfill disposal. The cost savings to be able to use this product and then discard it with regular waste to a landfill site could be astronomical. The other great thing is that it's widely effective. It classifies as extremely effective on hydrocarbons, water-based fluids and most aggressive chemicals. Abrasion-resistant, UV-resistant and wind-resistant, this bottle or bag of gold is a must-have in every workplace. 

Why Turn to Hansler Smith?

Companies across the industrial marketplace are now turning to Hansler Smith because they recognize our commitment to product quality and to the quality of service. A reason we’ve developed such a large customer-base in recent years is our ability to deliver the best products quickly and for minimal to no delivery cost. Similar companies charge profound amounts in delivery charges, so while the unit price may be appealing, once those additions get tacked on, you're spending far more.

Our quick delivery service also means that companies aren’t left waiting when they require access to safety products such as the latest industrial spill kits. This means companies are spending less and less time with the risk of liability hanging over their heads.

Shop with Us Today

Our experts at Hansler Smith are here to guide you in choosing industrial spill containment products for your business. To know more about our company and the complete range of Industrial Supplies in Ontario, contact us today!