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The unmatched versatility of Tyvek® protective apparel

By Daniel Hammel, North America Marketing Lead – Chemical Industrial & Controlled Environments, DuPont Personal Protection

DuPont™ Tyvek® provides the ideal balance of protection, durability, and comfort. In a variety of settings, Tyvek® garments have long been the first choice in protection for very good reasons. A much lighter material than spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS) and microporous film (MPF),

Tyvek® flash-spun fabric is an inherent barrier to small-sized hazardous particles. Protection is built into the fabric itself. There are no films or laminates to abrade or wear away. In fact, abrasion tests prove the Tyvek® barrier is more durable than MPF fabrics when tested for hydrostatic resistance.

Tyvek® 400 garments & accessories

A breathable barrier against hazardous dry particles down to one micron, aerosols, and non-hazardous light liquid splash, Tyvek® 400 protective apparel can minimize the risk in hazardous applications when used as an ensemble in combination with other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Tyvek® 400 garments and accessories are available in many options for a variety of applications, including coveralls, frocks & lab coats, sleeves, hoods, shirts & pants, and aprons. Boot and shoe covers are available in Tyvek® 400 or Tyvek® 400 FC, which adds a friction coating for enhanced skid-resistance.

The versatility of Tyvek® continues to expand with added innovations, and several other styles have been developed to provide a solution to growing industrial requirements and end user needs.

Tyvek® for enhanced chemical resistance

Tyvek® 800 is a liquid-tight protective garment that combines comfort and durability with protection against low-concentration, water-based inorganic chemicals and particles down to one micron in size. Tyvek® 800 stands up to even pressurized jets of liquids and offers suitability for a variety of industrial cleaning, food manufacturing, agriculture, petrochemical, sewer, environmental remediation, laboratory, and maintenance applications.

Tyvek® 600 offers chemical permeation barrier to low-concentration water-based inorganic chemicals including infective agents and bodily fluids. Tyvek® 500 protects against light liquid aerosols and airborne solid particles.

Tyvek® 500, Tyvek® 600, and Tyvek® 800 are tested and classified according to EN 14126.

Tyvek® and breathability – the key driver for comfort, followed by form and fit

Whether you’re working hard or standing still, your body generates heat and moisture vapor. The problem is that some garments don’t breathe. They trap the heat and moisture that can lead to heat stress. Heat stress not only makes you uncomfortable, it compromises safety. Based on moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), Tyvek® 400 fabric is 30% more breathable than typical microporous film fabrics.

Tyvek® 400 D garments combine the protection, durability, and comfort of Tyvek® fabric on the front and the comfort, softness, and breathability of ProShield® 10 fabric on the back. Tyvek® 400 D garments are suitable for applications where comfort requirements are combined with limited protective requirements for frontal exposures, such as challenges ranging from tacky resin molds that can stick to (or delaminate) other garments to sanding and grinding operations that release fine airborne particulates.

Tyvek® and the need to be seen

Low-visibility hazards are common across many industries, including construction, transportation, waste handling, and mining. High-visibility protective apparel makes it easier for workers to be seen while on the job, but there are a lot of options to choose from.

With Tyvek® 500 HV coveralls, workers have the benefit of a breathable and durable high-visibility garment with the added particle protection of Tyvek®. Suitable for dirty jobs that are prevalent in many industries, the use of Tyvek® 500 HV coveralls help companies ensure that workers are in compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.

The bright fluorescent orange color of Tyvek® background fabrics combined with silver-gray retroreflective material make these garments highly visible during the day and at night when exposed to a light source. The retroreflective bands form a symmetric “X” on the back of the coverall to distinguish front and back orientation of the wearer.

Tyvek® for controlled environments

The DuPont controlled environments portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of single-use apparel and accessories designed for use in cleanrooms and other controlled environment settings, such as pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and electronics manufacturing sites that require high standards for particle and microbiological contamination control. Tyvek® IsoClean® garments have a long history of use in cleanrooms due to their excellent barrier to particles, microorganisms, and non-hazardous liquid.

Tyvek® IsoClean® garments and accessories are offered with clean-processed and sterile options, as well as non-sterile bulk-packaged. Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2 coveralls are offered individually packaged with a sterile and non-sterile option.

Having white and blue coverall options in your laboratory or controlled environment allows you to designate workers that are allowed in restricted areas or can perform certain tasks. Or you can use color coding to easily identify team leaders or supervisors.

All sterile Tyvek® apparel is gamma sterilized to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 and is fully traceable.

Tyvek® makes the difference

Tyvek® offers unmatched versatility, superior overall barrier protection, improved breathability, and better garment durability. From industrial applications to pharmaceutical handling to general manufacturing and dirty jobs, Tyvek® is the protective suit of choice.


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