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Soper's Industrial Partitions & Enclosures

Soper's is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed industrial SoftWall Partitions and Enclosures, using various fabrics to contain or control dust, fumes, temperature, overspray, cross contamination or noise.

Retractable Curtains

From heavy industry to the automotive aftermarket to aircraft hangars to recreational facilities, there is always a need to intermittently enclose or section off areas to control and contain dust & fumes, welding flash, temperature, and overspray. Soper’s Retractable Curtains range from smaller curtain systems – easily retracted by just one person – to large floor-to-ceiling moveable wall systems that divide entire buildings.

Noise Reduction Panels

Soper’s Noise Reduction Panels effectively reduce reverberation and ambient noise levels throughout your entire facility. They are designed for simple and fast installation and can be attached to the wall or along an existing fence surrounding the noise source. Soper’s Noise Reduction Panels are manufactured of acoustical fibreglass materials to provide you with optimum noise reduction.

Retractable enclosures

Soper’s SoftWall Retractable Enclosures effectively contain and control processes that can contaminate the workplace environment. These retractable booths are the ideal solution when floor space is limited or when cranes require complete unobstructed overhead space. Soper’s SoftWall Retractable Enclosures retract to only a quarter of their original size, freeing up valuable floor space.

For more information or to receive a custom quote for your application and requirements, please contact us at:
sales@hansler.com or 1-800-267-8150.