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Vending Solutions

Let Hansler Smith remove the burden and responsibility of inventory management with customizable vending solutions. These solutions combine the most flexible inventory management systems available with industry-leading intelligence software to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce inventory costs.

Explore the Line of Vending Solutions


Absolute Control® In A Rugged, Cost Effective Solution

SupplyLocker IV®

Product-Level Control for Consumables, Returnable Materials & Assets


Compartment-Level Control With Pick-To-Light Technology


Get Increased Accuracy & Control Without Increased Expense


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Not ready to invest in one of the above options? No problem!

Hansler Smith can still help optimize the performance of your supply chain by taking responsibility of maintaining inventory levels of the products you use daily.

This service includes establishment of appropriate min/max levels for consumable products, keeping them in labeled bins and locations, and stocking product in our warehouses to ensure you don't run out.

With VMI, you will experience a reduction of out-of-stock situations, operational costs and waste, as well as improved service levels and increased fill rates.


Chat With Us!

Our team will work with you to customize and implement a solution to address your unique business demands. We will factor in production processes, environment, available footprint, plus inventory access, tracking and reporting requirements to configure a versatile, scalable solution that can adapt to your changing needs.

For more information about our inventory management and vending solutions, please contact us at:

sales@hansler.com | 1-800-267-8150