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Tape - 3M Masking Painter's Industrial Green 205 or Beige 203

SKU: 205-12x55
$2.48 CAD

Item 203, 205

3M Painter's Tape 203 and 205 are medium adhesion tapes that is ideal for painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass and metal. It offers good holding power to help resist lifting or curling and is compatible with most solvent-based paints, latex paints, and lacquers. Comes in Green or Beige.

  • Fast, contact-type adhesive
  • Compatible with most solvent-based paints, latex paints and lacquers
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Resists bleed-through
  • Natural rubber adhesive for excellent instant adhesion
  • Resists lifting or curling
  • Backing resists slivering yet is hand tearable
  • Good paint hold-out that resists bleed-through
  • 203 Beige or 205 Green