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Abrasive Belt - Norton Bear-Tex Rapid Prep Non-Woven Portable In-Line Belt, Fine/Very Fine Grit 3-1/2 x 15-1/2"

SKU: 66623333452
$37.31 CAD



Bear-Tex Rapid Prep AO fine grit non-woven portable in-line belts are an excellent choice for fine grit final surface blending on a variety of metals and shapes. Coated with a premium aluminum oxide abrasive grain, these belts cut up to 20-percent faster than other surface-conditioning belts. They're backed with Y-weight polyester bonded with a durable, nylon fiber, making them a perfect choice when minimizing stretching and maximizing durability is necessary. Open-coated and engineered with proprietary Clean-Bond resin technology, these belts minimize loading when working aluminum and other soft metals and deliver smear-free finishes, even on high-nickel-content alloys.

Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide
Backing Material: Nylon, Y-wt. Polyester
Abrasive Type: Non-Woven

  • Premium aluminum oxide abrasive grain coating provides up to 20% higher cut rate vs other surface conditioning belts
  • Proprietary Clean Bond resin technology and open coat guarantee smear-free finishes even on high nickel content alloys and minimize loading on aluminum and other soft metals
  • Durable nylon fiber bonded to a strong Y-weight polyester backing with extremely low stretch is ideal for applications where low-stretch and durability are necessary
  • Good choice for fine grit final surface blending on a variety of metals and surface shapes
  • Markets: Home Improvement / Paint & Drywall / Collision Repair / Manufacturing & Industry / Metal Fabrication & Welding / Medical Industry / Transportation
  • Materials: 300 Series Stainless / 400 Series Stainless / Aluminum / Brass / Bronze / Cast Iron / Copper / Ductile Iron / Fiberglass / Composites / Gray Iron / Hard Carbon Steels / Soft Carbon Steels / Tool Steels 
  • Machines: Inline Grinder
  • Applications: Blending / Finishing / Polishing / Smoothing / Surface Prep