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Abrasive Disc Roll - Norton Dry Ice A975 CA Fine Grit Paper PSA Disc Roll (100/Roll)

SKU: 66261140499
$76.74 CAD



Delivering the fastest cutting action of any paper disc on the market, the Dry Ice A975 fine grit paper PSA disc roll boasts a sharp P-graded seeded-gel ceramic alumina abrasive for excellent longevity. Experience up to 60 percent greater tear resistance, thanks to the flexible B-weight latex-saturated backing, which is reinforced with fiber for strength. To ensure zero colour transfer and resist loading, the disc features a water-based, non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating and an open coat. Application and removal are easy, thanks to the pressure sensitive adhesive and a convenient linked disc design.
Abrasive: Ceramic Alumina
Attachment: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Backing Material: C-wt. Anti Loading Paper
Max Operating Speed Guideline: Determined by back-up pad
Abrasive Type: Coated
  • P-graded seeded-gel ceramic alumina abrasive for fastest cut rate and longest life of any paper disc
  • Water-based, non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating and open coat provide maximum load resistance and no colour transfer to work
  • Unique fiber reinforced, flexible B-weight latex saturated backing delivers 50% - 60% improvement in tear strength while retaining flexibility
  • Exceptional choice for the most demanding fine grit blending, sanding and finishing lightweight paper disc sanding applications; pressure sensitive adhesive and linked disc roll format allow easy application, removal, and dispensing
  • Markets: Home Improvement / Paint & Drywall / Collision Repair / Manufacturing & Industry / Metal Fabrication/Welding / Medical Industry / Transportation
  • Materials: 300 Series Stainless / Aluminum / Brass / Bronze / Fiberglass/Composites / Hard Carbon Steels / Hard Woods / Soft Carbon Steels / Soft Woods / Super Alloys / Titanium
  • Machines: Random Orbital Sander / Right Angle Grinder
  • Applications: Blending / Body Filler / Sanding
5 P150 Fine Grit 66261140499
5 P180 Fine Grit 66261140498
5 P220 Very Fine Grit 66261142474
5 P240 Very Fine Grit 66261155380
5 P320 Extra Fine Grit 66261155378
5 P400 Super Fine Grit 66261155377
5 P600 Ultra Fine Grit 66623305608
5 P800 Ultra Fine Grit 66254480230
6 P150 Fine Grit 66261140509
6 P180 Fine Grit 66261140508
6 P220 Very Fine Grit 66261148340
6 P240 Very Fine Grit 66261155376
6 P320 Extra Fine Grit 66261155374
6 P400 Super Fine Grit 66261155373
6 P500 Super Fine Grit 63642506198
6 P600 Ultra Fine Grit 63642506199
6 P800 Ultra Fine Grit 63642506200