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Abrasive Disc Roll - Norton Dry Ice A975 CA Medium Grit Paper PSA Disc Roll (100/Roll)

SKU: 66261140501
$96.53 CAD



Item #: 66261140501 / 66261140500 / 66261140511 / 66261140510

Outfit your random orbital sander or right-angle grinder with the Dry Ice A975 medium grit paper PSA disc roll to easily tackle sanding, blending and finishing applications. The pressure sensitive adhesive and linked disc roll design make the A975 a cinch to install and remove. Featuring a P-graded seeded-gel ceramic alumina abrasive, the Dry Ice A975 delivers fast cuts and great longevity. The disc's flexible C-weight latex-saturated backing with fiber reinforcement gives you up to 60 percent improved tear resistance, while its water-based, nonpigmented stearate No-Fil coating and open coat help to minimize loading and eliminate colour transfer to your workpieces.

Abrasive: Ceramic Alumina
Attachment: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Backing Material: C-wt. Anti Loading Paper
Max Operating Speed Guideline: Determined by back-up pad
Abrasive Type: Coated
Grade: Medium Grit
  • P-graded seeded-gel ceramic alumina abrasive for fastest cut rate and longest life of any paper disc
  • Water-based, non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating and open coat provide maximum load resistance and no colour transfer to work
  • Unique fiber reinforced, flexible C-weight latex saturated backing delivers 50% - 60% improvement in tear strength while retaining flexibility
  • Exceptional choice for the most demanding medium grit sanding and finishing lightweight paper disc sanding applications; pressure sensitive adhesive and linked disc roll format allow easy application, removal, and dispensing
  • Markets: Home Improvement / Paint & Drywall / Collision Repair / Manufacturing & Industry / Metal Fabrication/Welding / Medical Industry / Transportation
  • Materials: 300 Series Stainless / Aluminum / Brass / Bronze / Fiberglass/Composites / Hard Carbon Steels / Hard Woods / Soft Carbon Steels / Soft Woods / Super Alloys / Titanium
  • Machines: Random Orbital Sander / Right Angle Grinder
  • Applications: Blending / Body Filler / Sanding