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Adhesive - Loctite® 1-Part Light Cure Adhesive, 1L Bottle, Light Yellow/Transparent, 36295

SKU: 36295
$686.54 CAD

Item #: 36295

Light-cure, medium viscosity acrylic-based adhesive well suited to soft PVC and metals. Very fast curing. Suitable for medical applications.
LOCTITE® AA 3972 is a light-cured, medium viscosity, acrylic-based adhesive which is designed to offer high adhesion to soft PVC. This fluorescing product is both fixed and tack-free in a time of just 5 secs and offers a depth of cure >13 mm. It is also highly suitable for joining metals.
  • Offers high adhesion to soft PVC
  • Well suited to metals
  • Fast curing
  • Medium viscosity