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Adhesive - Loctite® 2-Part High Performance Epoxy Adhesive, 4 oz Kit, Off-White/Green, 24 hr Curing, 1373425

SKU: 1373425
$18.60 CAD

Item #: 1373425

Epoxy off-white 2-part adhesive for general purpose applications involving metal, plastic, or wood substrates. LOCTITE® EA 1C is an off-white, 2-part, epoxy, general purpose adhesive and sealant that can be used on metals, most plastics, and wood. Providing room-temperature cure after mixing of the resin and hardener, it is machinable and sandable, and withstands extreme environmental conditions. The product offers high service temperature and low outgassing properties.
  • Epoxy adhesive is a high temperature, chemically resistant, high viscosity and multiple surface structural adhesive
  • Excellent gap filling capability
  • D 65 shore hardness
  • For metals, most plastics and wood
  • High service temperature
  • Machinable and sandable
  • Withstands extreme environments
  • Low outgassing properties
  • Room temperature cure
  • Part A: epoxy resin, part B: epoxy hardener