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Utility Knife - OLFA PL-1 Multi-Blade Auto Load Utility Knife, 5021

PU621503 Basket

SKU: 21664-5021
$24.37 CAD
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Item # 5021

Lightweight, ergonomic multi-blade utility knife with storage capacity of 5 additional blades (6 total blades) that easily auto load with the slide of one hand when needed. This material cutting knife is a go-to choice amongst contractors across many industries including roofing, drywall, 

  • Auto-lock blade actuator easily ejects used blades
  • Automatically load new blades with slide of one hand
  • 5 blade storage for continuous fresh blade edges
  • High-impact ABS handle
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • Change blades without any tools

*Comes with (3) 18mm LB Heavy-Duty Silver Snap-Off Blades

The PL-1 18mm Multi-Blade Utility Knife is perfect for heavy duty industrial work and jobs that require continuous blade changes such as roofing, construction, flooring, drywall, electrical and more. The OLFA PL-1 #5021 utility knife stores up to five snap-off blades in addition to the blade in use, for 40 fresh cutting edges with a quick snap.