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Bouffant Cap - Ronco COVA-CAP® Pleated White Non-Woven Polypropylene 21" (Package of 250) 771

SKU: 771
$24.51 CAD

Item #: 771

250/Package (Priced per package)

RONCO COVA-CAP® is made from 100% non-woven polypropylene. Their unique accordion pleated style allows them to be refolded with a snap of the wrist at shift changes. COVA-CAP® are available in a variety of sizes and colours - ideal for work environments that follow colour coded departments for HACCP compliance.

  • Available in an array of colours for HACCP compliance
  • Flexible and lightweight for ease of use
  • Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions

For more information, click here for the data sheet.