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Carbide Burr Set - Clarkson-Osborn Double Cut - 5 Piece or 8 Piece SC90810 / SC90800

SKU: SC90810
$236.12 CAD

Item #: SC90810 / SC90800 

  • 1/4" shank size
  • Steel case
  • Double Cut - rapid stock removal due to the chisel type cutting tooth along with less chatter
  • Most popular cut style and the most versatile as it is suited for the widest variety of materials
  • Less operator fatigue due to increased stock removal and less chatter

SC90810 - 5 piece set includes SA-3, SC-3, SC5, SF-3, SF-5 styles

SC90800 - 8 piece set includes SA-5, SC-3, SC-5, SD-5, SF-3, SF-5, SG-3, SL-4 styles