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Chain Hoist - JET KCH Series - 20' Lift - 5 Ton 101156

SKU: 14768-101156
$1,981.39 CAD

Chain Hoist - JET KCH Series - 20' Lift - 5 Ton 101156 is currently out of stock and will ship as soon as inventory has been replenished.

Product # 101156 | Model # KCH-5020
• Triple spur geared for efficient operation 
• Maintenance free sealed bearings reduce operator effort 
• Dual pawl Weston style brake with extra heavy pawl springs for safe reliable operation 
• Extra thick ratchet gear protects brake disc from contamination 
• Exclusive premium grade, non-asbestos brake discs for longest life 
• Grade 100 load chain for greater strength 
• Top and bottom safety hooks bend slowly to warn of overloads 
• Cast safety latches exceed industry standards 
• Specialized finish on key internal parts for superior corrosion resistance 
• Load tested to 150% of rated capacity with certificate 
• Meets ASME B30.16 standards 
• ISO 9001-2000 certified factory 
• NOTE: Custom Lifts are available in any length desired. Ask your local JET distributor for details!