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Digital Readout System - King Canada Fagor 2 Axis Digital Readout System, Various Scales 20i-T

SKU: 20i-T-636
$3,384.60 CAD

Item #: 20i-T-636 / 20i-T-840 / 20i-T-1040 / 20i-T-1260

  • 2 Axis
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • 20i-T-636: For Use With KC-1236ML Metal Lathe
  • 20i-T-840: For Use With KC-1440ML-6 Metal Lathe
  • 20i-T-1040: For Use With: KC-1640ML Metal Lathe
  • 20i-T-1260: For Use With: KC-1660GH Metal Lathe