Dispenser - Deb 400mL Dispenser Body Assembly & Mount Assembly (use with IFS400ML) 401


Item #400WH-MBA / 400ML-TMW / 400RED-MBA / 400ML-TMR

With the point-of-care dispenser, SC Johnson Professional™ has made it easy for healthcare workers to sanitize at each of the Your Four Moments for Hand Hygiene - before, during and after providing patient care, putting hand hygiene compliance within reach.

  • For use with IFS400ML
  • Clinical Workflow Efficiency - The point-of-care dispenser easily mounts to walls, over-bed, and bedside tables to bring ABHR within arm’s reach and enable proper hand hygiene at the point of direct patient care, without interrupting clinical workflow.
  • Patient Safety Features - Flexible mounting options and tamper-proof locking features safely bring ABHR into the patient zone while protecting the enclosed product from misuse, theft, and being misplaced.
  • Safe Environment - The smaller volume 400 mL bottle allows for more sanitizing stations, and improved access to hand hygiene products, while still meeting fire code regulations.