Earplugs - Nano Bullet™ Compact Disposable Soft Polyurethane Foam NPR 28 Ear Plugs 267-HPF310 / 267-HPF310C / 267-HPF310-1

SKU: 267-HPF310

Item #: 267-HPF310 / 267-HPF310C / 267-HPF310-1

  • Perfect size for users with narrow auditory canals
  • PowerSoft™ foam with optimal expansion recovery time perfectly adapts to smaller ear canals
  • Soft and comfortable feel for all day comfort
  • Easy to roll down to achieve a consistent, uniform fit
  • NRR 28 protection
  • Tapered: Fits to the natural contour of the ear canal.
  • Polyurethane Foam: Our soft polyurethane foam has a unique cellular structure thats allows for slow expansion to perfectly fit the size and form of the ear canal, with a sealed surface that prevents foreign bodies from penetrating. The material provides high and immediate noise reduction.
  • Uncorded: The most economical option, and mainly for one time use. Also practical in areas where a cord may be hazardous.
  • Corded: Easier to keep track of by allowing the user to wear the plugs around their neck while not in use. Can be made with rubber or non-resonating textiles, and certain styles are detachable for added safety.
  • Display Box: 250 pairs of 267-HPF310 disposable ear plugs loose in display box