Glove - Chemical Resistant - Superior Glove Chemstop Double Dipped Shoulder Length 38 in PVC/Thermoplastic Polymer F294SL

Size: L


Item #: F294SL

  • Chemstop gloves are a fantastic choice for any industrial application requiring full arm chemical protection
  • Crafted with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a thermoplastic polymer of urethane that resists most aqueous solutions, these gloves provide impressive protection against most workplace chemical hazards
  • In order to provide maximum protection in the areas that matter most, the palms have also been double-dipped with black PVC
  • Held in place with a wide elastic strap that extends around the neck, these shoulder length gloves wont fall down and expose you to harsh chemical elements
  • Flock lined for additional comfort and sweat absorption, and offer good abrasion-resistance
  • Standards: ASTM ANSI Puncture Level 2|ASTM ANSI Abrasion Level 4
  • Applications: Chemical Industry, Organic Solvents, Commercial Fishing, Petrochemical, Fuel Oil Delivery, Suitable For Handling Oils, Acids and Caustics
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