Chemical Resistant Glove - Superior Glove Chemstop Heavy Duty Cotton/Neoprene NE246FFL


Item #: NE246FFL

  • Heavy duty neoprene glove resists a broad range of oils and chemicals that attack natural rubber gloves
  • Excellent protection from acids, caustics, oils, greases, and many solvents
  • The cotton shell absorbs perspiration and cushions hands
  • This liquid, vapor and heat-resistant thermal lined neoprene glove is suitable for many jobs as it protects against intermittent contact with hot objects up to 550 deg F
  • Working with steamers, deep fryers and rotisseries will be a lot safer
  • The extra long 18 in length gives you added protection
  • It also withstands detergents and cleaning solutions and yet is easily sanitized using a three sink wash method
  • Standards: ASTM ANSI Pucnture Level 3|ASTM ANSI Abrasion Level 3|CFIA Approved
  • Applications: Chemical Processing, Mining, Petro Chemical, Forestry and Laboratory