Glove - Chemical Resistant - Superior Glove Chemstop Nitrile Crushed Ceramic Powder Jersey Lining NT230



Item #: NT230

  • Nitrile gloves have a fantastic grip-on oily surfaces
  • The glove is dipped on special ergonomically designed forms giving them superior fit and comfort
  • Resists oils, greases and organic solvents
  • Soft jersey liner absorbs perspiration
  • Crushed, ceramic powder grip finish provides good grip in oily/wet conditions
  • It has good functional performance in temperatures ranging from -4 to 149 deg C
  • Fantastic grip-on oily surfaces, because of the addition of crushed ceramic powder to the hand portion of the glove, making them ideal for handling oily metal parts
  • This ceramic powder grip coat is porous, channeling oil and liquids away from the surface for an enhanced wet grip
  • Standards: ASTM ANSI Puncture Level 2|ASTM ANSI Abrasion Level 3
  • Applications: Petro-Chemical, Food Handling, Car/Automotive and Oily Metal Parts