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General Purpose Glove - Superior Glove Heavy Cotton/Shoulder Split Leather/Stockinette Clute Cut/Full Finger Style Unlined 650HB

SKU: 650HB
$37.22 CAD


Item #: 650HB

  • HB series clute cut select shoulder-split leather used in our leather face gloves provides the best protection against abrasion
  • Heavier 9 oz cotton at the back for better seam strength, making our HB series an excellent value in leather palm gloves
  • This glove has a fuller, more generous hand size than the economy version
  • Snug knit wrist cuffs prevents debris from falling into glove
  • Heavy 9 oz cotton backs
  • Generous hand size
  • Washable
  • Standards: ASTM ANSI Puncture Level 3
  • Applications: Construction, Mining, Material Handling, General purpose, Maintenance, Parts Handling and Assembly