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Insoles - Impacto Sorbo-Air ERINWAL

$24.95 CAD


IMPACTO Anti-fatigue insoles, 100% air-infused Sorbothane® heel to toe comfort. Molded design with cupped heel for rear foot stability. Poron® top layer wicks away moisture and provides additional cushioning. Anti-bacterial fabric cover.

  • Provides maximum shock absorption, arch support and comfort
  • This high-performance insole is for fitness enthusiasts, runners and walkers seeking extra arch support, comfort and rebound
  • Helps protect against back and knee pain and foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis
  • Advanced polyurethane layer cushioning, support, rebound for less “pounding” per step
  • SorboAir® is made of advanced air-infused Sorbothane foam which offers 94.7% shock-absorption, positioned at point of impact to reduce pain and fatigue
  • Lightweight, breathable and antifungal
  • Long lasting, will not bottom out
Size Code Men Shoe Size Women Shoe Size
A 4-5 6-7
B 5-6 7.5-8.5
C 6.5-7.5
D 8-9 10.5-11.5
E 9.5-10.5 12
F 11-12 N/A
G 12.5-13.5 N/A