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Keurig Coffee Pods - Muskoka Roastery Black Bear Compostable Coffee Pods (20 Count)

$19.60 CAD
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The coffee that put Muskoka Roastery on the map; a perfect blend of South and Central American beans roasted to a well-oiled, smokey finish. Bold, full-bodied taste with a growl.

Muskoka is home to plenty of black bears. In fact, it is estimated that neighbouring Algonquin Park is home to over 2000 bears. So, when Muskoka Roastery developed this french roast-style coffee as part of the original lineup, they didn't have to look too far for inspiration. An iconic Canadian animal, synonymous with our region, that embodies everything that the coffee delivers - dark, strong, powerful taste and aroma.

Keurig compatible pods.