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Hand Towel - Scott® Hard Roll (Case of 6) 25702

SKU: 25702
$154.40 CAD

Item #: 25702 - Scott Hard Roll Towels

  • MOD* Dispenser System delivers one of the highest capacity towels around with 1,150 feet of Scott Hard Roll Towels
  • Includes a stub roll feature that reduces waste and cost
  • Fewer change outs and more satisfied users
  • Designed with patented Absorbency Pockets, so users need fewer towels to dry their hands
  • More towels left in the dispenser, more time between refills, less paper waste and, in many cases, less cost for your business
  • Use with the 34348 dispenser
  • 7.5 in x 1150 ft
  • 6 / Case

Item #: 34348 - Scott®Pro Automatic Roll Towel Dispense

  • Designed with innovative internal dispensing modules that plug and play to give you the flexibility to build a dispenser customized to meet your requirements
  • Dispensers controlled manual delivery offers the hygiene of touchless dispensing without the batteries
  • Quieter than enMotion and Tork Intuition systems.
  • Combines touchless technology with the bacteria-reducing benefits of drying with paper towels, supporting and promoting better hand and surface hygiene
  • For use with the 25702 towels
  • Smoke