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Lubricant - Loctite® LB 8023 Marine Grade Ant-Seize Lubricant, 299175

SKU: 299175
$28.74 CAD

Item #: 299175

LOCTITE® LB 8023 is a black, metal-free, brush top lubricant and anti-seize made from graphite, calcium, boron nitride and rust inhibitors. ABS approved, it protects assemblies from fresh and salt water. It works especially well in high humidity conditions. It has excellent lubricity , superior water wash-out spray resistance and prevents galvanic corrosion. High temperature resistance to 1,315°C.
  • Metal-free
  • ABS approved
  • Temperature resistant to +1,315°C
  • Excellent lubricity and superior water wash-out spray resistance
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion
  • Fresh & salt water/high humidity resistance