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Lubricant - Loctite® LB 8632 Clear High Performance Synthetic Grease, 675961

SKU: 675961
$12.95 CAD

Item #: 675961

LOCTITE® LB 8632 is a white, opaque, advanced multi-purpose grease that is composed of synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) base stocks and a fumed silica thickener. It is ideal for use on food processing equipment as a lubricant and as a release agent on gaskets or seals. It also contains PTFE filler which provides excellent wear resistance under extreme loads.
  • Ideal for use on food processing equipment
  • Acceptable choice for use as a protective anti-rust film
  • Advanced, multi-purpose
  • Excellent lubricant for industrial processes where a wide range of operating temperatures and environments are encountered