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Lubricant - Loctite® LB 8801 Silicone Lubricant, 234317

SKU: 234317
$26.99 CAD

Item #: 234317

LOCTITE® LB 8801 is a translucent, non-curing silicone grease paste that seals, lubricates, protects, waterproofs and electrically insulates metal, rubber and plastic parts. Useful as a stopcock lubricant, plug or ball valve lubricant, valve stem packing lubricant and protector for electrical contacts. It has excellent fluid resistance to water based fluids, alcohols, mineral- and vegetable oils.
  • Can be used as a moisture barrier for electrical contacts, a rubber and plastic lubricant, a mold release agent and a packing lubricant for shafts and valve stems
  • Also protects electrical connections against water infiltration, arcing and keeps moisture from forming a conductive film on electric mounts and insulators
  • May be applied by brushing, spraying or dabbing the product on the surface to be lubricated or sealed