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Lubricant - Loctite® SUPER LUBE Synthetic Based Grease with PFTE, 230139

SKU: 230139
$21.64 CAD

Item #: 230139


LOCTITE® LB SUPERLUBE Super Lube® Grease with PTFE is a patented, multi-purpose, thixotropic, synthetic lubricant that contains PTFE particles held in suspension. It withstands temperatures from -42 to +232ºC. Typical applications include bearings, chains, pumps, open gears, compressors, valves, conveyors, food processing equipment and slides.
  • Withstands continuous temperatures to +232ºC
  • Provides more reliable lubrication and outlasts petroleum based greases and oils
  • Remains free flowing in freezing temperatures
  • Contains PTFE particles held in suspension
  • Thixotropic - thins at points of shear in high operating speeds for the most effective film strength and returns to original viscosity as speeds are reduced
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and odorless