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Machine Film - Malpack Platinum Max 70 Gauge PLM2007050

SKU: 17690-PLM2007050
$106.13 CAD
20 in x 5000 ft

Item #: PLM2007050

Platinum Max is an industry-leading, ultra-high-performance machine film. Regardless of gauge, this flagship film has excellent elongation, puncture, and clarity for all applications. This film is a perfect choice for demanding, high-speed wrappers and lower volume semi-automatic applications.

  • Pre-stretch levels up to 300%
  • Machine friendly product
  • Created for high speed equipment
  • Exceptional puncture resistance
  • High clarity - one sided cling flim
  • Superior strength & load retention
  • Down gauge - significant cost savings vs. standard films
  • Exceptional holding force on pallet performance
  • Outer side cling offers incredible grip and corner hold
  • 5-layer cast film
  • Clear Optics & Quiet Unwind
  • 5000 ft length