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Metal Lathe - King Canada 12" X 36" Gearhead Metal Lathe with Taper Attachment KC-1236ML/KM-053

SKU: KC-1236ML/KM-053
$9,643.25 CAD

Item #: KC-1236ML/KM-053

  • Powerful 1.5 HP motor
  • Safety guard with limit switch protection
  • Line interruption switch system needs a restart after a power failure
  • Guideway and gears in headstock are all hardened and precision ground
  • Comes complete with 6"-3 jaw chuck, 8"-4 jaw chuck, imperial and metric gears, quick change tool post, steady rest, follow rest, 10" DI-4 camlock face plate, thread chasing dial indicator, MT#3 dead center, MT#3 arbor taper, 1/2" drill chuck, full length splash guard, tool box, chuck keys and hex. keys