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Mop Frame - M2 Professional 18" Clipper Dust Mop Frame, DF-CL518

SKU: 20157-DF-CL518
$7.90 CAD
49 in stock

Item #: DF-CL518

The Clipper Dust Mop Frame is durable and reliable mop frame, made from high-quality iron. It is designed to withstand intense, continuous use. The collar on the frame releases to allow the dust mop head to swivel, making it easier to clean around obstacles. It comes in a variety of lengths and is compatible with a wide range of handles. Its universal design accepts most industry standard clip-on dust mop handles.

  • Durable iron construction for long-term continuous use
  • Collar releases to allow for dust mop head to swivel
  • Easy-to-use for quick and simple attachment of dust mops
  • Universal design accepts industry-standard clip-on dust mop handles
  • High-quality materials for exceptional durability