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Particulate Respirator / Face Mask - Ronco PRO-TEC Particulate Filtering / Medical N95 Respirator, Vertical Folded 6335

SKU: 6335
$1.99 CAD

Item #: 6335


RONCO’s Medical N95 Respirator contains comfortable inner materials and provides respiratory protection against certain airborne particles. These masks are designed to provide the highest fluid resistance (according to ASTM standards) to splash and spatter of blood and other infectious bodily fluids while reducing wearer exposure to certain airborne particles. Meets Health Canada guidelines for N95 respirators.

  • The lightweight, vertical folded design of the respirator provides reliable, and convenient worker respiratory protection especially in the healthcare environment
  • Individual automated packaging helps protect the respirator from contamination before use
  • Compatible with a variety of eyewear
  • Conforms to eye and nose contours of the face ensuring more room for eyewear
  • Adjustable noseclip with soft and comfortable fog-reducing foam
  • This respirator contains no components made from natural rubber latex
  • High-quality noseclip ensures proper fit to all facial contours
  • Headstraps are 100% latex-free to minimize risks of allergic reactions
  • Excellent resistance against bodily fluids and blood
  • One size fits all 
  • Made in Canada
  • Can also be used to help reduce inhalation of certain airborne biological particles like mold, Bacillus anthracis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis


  • Laboratory / Clinical
  • TB Wards
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Pandemic Preparedness Planning/Stockpiling
  • Clinics
  • Operating Rooms
  • Patient Care
  • Infection Control Practices
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Grinding, Sanding, Sweeping, Bagging and other dusty or arid operations

User Information Sheet
Particulate Filtration Efficiency & Breathability
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, Blood Penetration & Flammability Results