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Planer - King Canada 20" Industrial Planer KC-520C

SKU: KC-520C
$3,299.00 CAD $4,452.12 CAD

Item #: KC-520C

  • Powerful 5 HP motor
  • Solid cast-iron extension tables
  • Mobile base system built into cabinet
  • 4 knife cutterhead allows rapid cutting while producing a superior finish
  • Table raises and lowers on four precision ground columns for extra stability
  • Anti-kickback fingers in front of the infeed roller to prevent wood kickback
  • Magnetic safety switch
  • Lever allows you to shift gears for changing feed rates for excellent results in planing hard and soft woods
  • Knives rest on adjustable Jack Screws; lock bar and lock screws keep knives in place
  • Comes with knife setting gauge and 5" dust chute
  • For more information, click here to view the manual